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Revolutionizing the future of urban logistics, SURVV is the market-leading on-demand solution powering millions of deliveries.

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Request Riders on Demand

Request delivery ridere on demand .Replace or support your in-house fleet, enabling cost-efficient, flexible deliveries.

Real Time Tracking

Real-time tracking empowers monitoring, elevating the delivery experience for you and your customers

In-depth Analytics

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Integrate Seamlessly

Seamlessly integrate with your POS, and online ordering platforms, ensure transparency for exceptional efficiency

Flexible Payment Options

Catering to various business needs, SURVVS platform ensures a streamlined approach to payments and collection

Talk to Sales

Sign up with SURVV and let our dedicated account manager be your guide, catering to all your inquiries

We are the fastest

We know consumers want things now! Our background is fast delivery to hangry 😡 demanding customers, we are bringing this food ordering experience to all our verticles, from pharmacy to grocery. e-commerce! 

The most reliable

We will treat you as our biggest enterprise client, and carry your deliverables as so they are fragile birthday cakes 🎂 with 24/7 live support. chose the model that fits your business best.

We have built next-generation last-mile operations with speed and customers in mind. It’s time to start LOVING ❤️ 

your last-mile delivery provider

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