ON-DEMAND DELIVERY Always Deliver More Than Expected

On-demand delivery service; For every restaurant, customers are the most important part of a successful business, and they are the core piece of the puzzle.

The restaurant can request a rider once the customer orders the item through the dashboard, and track the order until the order delivered to the customer.

Choose your subscription bundle, activate your account, and request riders immediately. Track every order in real-time, and View your order history and manage your consumption through your dashboard

  • Today’s Restaurant owners know how important it is to satisfy customers’ high expectations. And nowadays, those expectations include prompt delivery to their doorstep. 

Know more about on-demand delivery service

Request a rider on demand

  • Pay per a delivery, optimize your operations efficiency, no riders blocking your premises. 
  • Track each orders delivery progress in real time and get daily, weekly and monthly reports

Power your business with on-demand deliveries Any order, Any time

  • The SURVV dashboard lets you request riders and manage your deliveries with ease.
  • Tracking the progress of live deliveries is easy on the dashboard. Real-time tracking will notify you when the rider is due to receive and deliver the order, and you will receive a notification when the rider is ready to receive the order, and you can also follow their journey on the map.
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